24-Dec-2009: Radiohead lyrics in Oracle RDBMS code

strings oracle.exe | grep radiohead

Starting at least at, function kfasSelfTest_update() (located in kfas.o) use Radiohead lyrics to test... something related to ASM probably.

Schematic pseudocode:

#define STRING "I'm a creep, I'm a winner, what the hell am I doing here.I don't belong here - radiohead"

	kfasOpen (...);
	kfasUpdate (somestruct);
	kfasClose (...);
	newstruct=kfasOpen (...);
	if (strncmp (newstruct.somevalue, STRING, ...)!=0)
		// raise error 99999?
		kserec1(99999, 1, ...);
		kserec2(99999, 1, ..., STRING, 1, ...);
		return 0;
	kfasClose (...);
	return 1;

Update: Lyrics is seems not correct...

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