6-Apr-2011: ops_SIMD 0.3

Here is my third version of (so far) known fastest Oracle RDBMS hash cracker (DES based hashes): http://conus.info/utils/ops_SIMD/

Significant addition is AVX support. This instruction set is available on new Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs. On entry-level Sandy Bridge CPUs (Intel Core i3 2100) I got 17-20 millions hashes per second (for SYS user) in AVX mode. In old SSE2 mode, on the same CPU, I got 13-15 millions.

On quad core Intel Core i7 2600K it is possible to achive up to 40 millions hashes per second.

I decided to make it commercial. So, here is demo version, working only with SYS usernames. Price of PRO version allowing any username is fixed at USD 100.

This open sourced site and this page in particular is hosted on GitHub. Patches, suggestions and comments are welcome.

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Please drop me email about any bug(s) and suggestion(s): dennis(@)yurichev.com.