15-Mar-2013: Quick introduction to reverse engineering for beginners

In first half of 2010, I wrote small notes about reverse engineering for beginners, now I got some spare time to gather them all, illustrate them, rewrite to LaTeX, etc.

So it's now 210-220 pages book in PDF form, both in English and Russian languages.

It's yet unfull and contain a lot of incorrect clauses and mistakes.

"Quick introduction to reverse engineering for beginners": //yurichev.com/writings/RE_for_beginners-en.pdf

"Краткое введение в reverse engineering для начинающих": //yurichev.com/writings/RE_for_beginners-ru.pdf

Do not hesitate to send me any corrections, please! Here is also books's source code (LaTeX): https://github.com/DennisYurichev/RE-for-beginners

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