3-Jul-2013: "Quick introduction to reverse engineering for beginners" book update

Not much added to my "Quick introduction to reverse engineering for beginners" book, but couple things: how C++ objects are usually represented in low-level x86 code and also several examples related to Oracle RDBMS: how to find all information about V$\$$TIMER view and X$\$$KSMLRU tables, which functions are behind them, etc (section 7.3).

I also wrote small utility to extract information related to V$\$$ views and X$\$$ tables, it's here. But more about is in my "book".

English language version, Russian language version.

Also, comments in this blog are back, thanks to Disqus. Feel free to express any thoughts!

Update: added a lot about ARM. More changes: https://github.com/DennisYurichev/RE-for-beginners/blob/master/ChangeLog

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