21-Jan-2015: Korean publication of "Reverse Engineering for Beginners" book is available for pre-order!

I'm very happy to announce that Acorn publisher in South Korea did huge amount of work in translating and publishing my "Reverse Engineering for Beginners" book in Korean language.

Now it's available for pre-order at their website: http://www.acornpub.co.kr/book/reversing-for-beginners

It's also available in South Korean shops:



How it looks like: Side A, Side B.

It's 1160 pages. The content is the same as it is in open-source form right now, but it's translated and professionally edited and prepared.

I also in debt to Byungho Min (@tais9), who translated my book in Korean language.

Cover pictures was done by my artist friend Andy Nechaevsky: https://www.facebook.com/andydinka

So if you want to have a "real" book on your shelf in Korean language and/or want to support my work, now you may buy it.

English and Russian versions are still available here: //beginners.re/

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