Duplicate Directories and Files Finder:

Not maintained. See a new one: https://yurichev.com/news/20200225_DDFF/.

* How to run it:

Usage: ddff.exe   ...
For example: ddff.exe C:\ D:\ E:\

Some information (partial and full filehashes) are stored into NTFS streams, so the next
scanning will be much faster.

* Comparison to other duplicate finding utilities:

+ Very fast
+ Comparing only file contents, ignoring file name/attributes. 
+ Comparing directories too.
+ Often, two directories contain, let's say, 4 equal files and 5th file is different.
  We handle it too and output these as "common files in directories"
+ Absence of unnecessary switches.

- Win32 only
- Command-line only

Download for win32.

source code.

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