What MSVC's version has been used to compile Windows 10?

As we all know, a code compiled by different versions of MSVC imports different MSVCRT DLL library: a table.

Funny thing: Windows 10 in its C:\WINDOWS folder has ~12,000 .exe and .dll files that imports msvcrt.dll (that was used by Visual Studio 6.0 back in 1998, as well as older versions).

It also has ~20 files that imports msvcr80.dll (used by MSVS 2005) and ~20 files that imports msvcr90.dll (used by MSVS 2008).

I couldn't find mentions of msvcr100.dll, msvcr110.dll, etc.

Large portions of Windows 10 still compiled by an ancient MSVS compiler? Or they use a newer one, but tweaked, so it still uses old msvcrt.dll? Either way, Microsoft doesn't seems to be eating their own dog food, contrary to what is written in this Wikipedia article.

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