The RE4B book is 10 years old today.

I could say, the "Reverse Engineering for Beginners" book is turning 10 years these days, because it was started in the beginning of March 2010. This is oldest survived Russian-language text I've written in 5-March-2010: 5-mar-2010.txt.

And then I switched to MediaWiki engine:

As my russian-speaking readers may notice, some content is still survived, and you can find it in the latest version of the book. And this is why MSVS 2008 was used by me at some points: because I started writing it when MSVS 2010 and newer were not available at the time.

Also, couple of my articles from the summer 2010 about SAP and amateur crypto-algorithm.

And then was hiatus -- I was busy with other things in my life.

I returned to the idea of writing a book in March 2013, when I got acquainted with TeX/LaTeX, which is just an ideal tool for technical writing like these texts. Early versions from that time: here. (Ignore the "March 4, 2018" timestamp -- it was recompiled at this day, but using oldest possible source code.)

So the book in the TeX/LaTeX/PDF form is turning 7 years these days.

Also, one of the first versions of the "Quick introduction into SAT/SMT solvers and symbolic execution" saw the light in February 2016. This is the earliest published version: So it's 4 years old already.

What can I say -- these books are still not finished. And may never be. Like Wikipedia, or like a software product...

And thanks to everyone who has helped me.

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