[Racket] SplitBy function I always wanted + fortune program in ~5 SLOC

A function in Wolfram Mathematica:

        splits list into sublists consisting of runs of successive elements that give the same value when f is applied.

( src )

The function is incredibly useful when parsing, for example, a fortune file, which is present in any *NIX system, like:
the more general problem may be easier to solve
    -- G.Polya
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How do you pick a random element if it may consist of several lines? Here I split the fortune file using my own reimplementation of this function in Racket:

#lang racket

; another function I didn't find:
(provide pick-random)
(define (pick-random lst)
  (list-ref lst (random (length lst))))

; works almost like http://reference.wolfram.com/language/ref/SplitBy.html in Mathematica:
(define (drop-first-elem-if l pred)
  (if (pred (first l))
      (drop l 1)

(define (drop-empty-lists l)
  (filter (λ (x) (not (null? x))) l))

(provide split-list-into-sublists)
(define (split-list-into-sublists xs pred)
  (if (null? xs)
      (let* ((new-list (drop-first-elem-if xs pred))
             (first-chunk (takef new-list (negate pred)))
             (rest-of-list (dropf new-list (negate pred))))
        (cons first-chunk (drop-empty-lists (split-list-into-sublists rest-of-list pred))))))

; main program

(define (pick-random-fortune-from filename)
  (define sliced
     (file->lines filename)
     (λ (n) (equal? "%" n))))
  (map (λ (s) (displayln s)) (pick-random sliced))) ; print each line

(void (pick-random-fortune-from "/home/i/tmp/fortunes.txt")) ; "void" to suppress printing "void"

Isn't it nice? Of course, my implementation is crude and slow. If you can suggest better or more efficient, please drop me email.

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