Job offers I accept

I don't accept full-time jobs. I rarely respond to these emails and I usually I don't even read them. My CV isn't maintained/update anymore, I can't send it. (Let alone Linkedin account.)

But as a freelancer I accept offers like "we have X, we want X±Δ, we can pay Y and we can wait Z days/weeks/months".

Where Δ is something I wrote (or will write) in my books ( 1, 2, 3, 4 ) / blog posts ( 1, 2 ) about. Y can be surprisingly low, by the way. And Z is limited by couple of months.

So if you want me to do something for you, please drop me email, stating X, Δ, Y and Z clearly, at least, X and Δ.

Also, I do nothing without advance payment.

Despite the fact I've written RE4B, and found several CVEs, and once created FPGA-based Oracle RDBMS passwords cracker, I'm not in infosec, and almost never been (except for a brief experience), so it's senseless to offer me a job(s) in that area.

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