[RevEng] Challenge/keygenme #88

Happy New Year!

This is my new challenge/keygenme.

Those, who can write a keygen for it, will be inducted to a hall of fame (here, in this blog post) and will get a lifetime membership of my club.

It's practically possible to make a keygen for it. My full write-up about it will be posted someday in summer 2022 maybe.

I can't say it's easy. But it's doable. It's based on a real code I once saw. I solved it maybe for a week or two. And I thought I can make a good example/tutorial out of it.

If you can solve it faster, you can have bragging rights, as they say.

Download it. You can use 7-Zip to unpack TAR on Windows.

Send me your solutions.

Good luck!

Upd (30-Jan-2022): a version for ARM (Android, termux).

Hall of fame

25-Jan-2022: psraining(a)gmail.com c12f38864ca77cdd12d867f8e309dbbbcc9238a8ce5eb15c9fca2d81143a8d5ff20078978512a324218afad66f5b88daf66f

24-Mar-2022: cdemirer(@)protonmail.com

UPD at Nov 2023: the solution.

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