[RevEng] Orthodox file managers

I'm a huge fan of so called orthodox file managers. I started at Norton Commander for MS-DOS, for nearly ~30 years ago. I also used Dos Navigator and Volkov Commander for MS-DOS. And File Commander for OS/2.

Currently I use FAR for Windows, Midnight Commander for Unix and Total Commander for Android. Everyday. Sometimes I even try to quit it, because I have a fear I use it all too much.

Despite the fact Norton Commander was created in USA, somehow, all NC clones are popular mostly in ex-USSR countries. I never knew why.

Of course, Unix tools and various shells are way richer, but some tasks are simpler to complete in FAR for Windows. Here I can show how to find a string in all *.class files in all *.jar archives (which are effectively ZIP archives, of course):

Can you do this without unpacking in Unix?

You can also switch code page (you will need this for UTF-16LE and BE)...

FAR with plugins can also step down into *.lib/*.a files and also *.obj/*.exe sections (press Ctrl-PgDn).

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