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Main topics: CS, math, reverse engineering, SAT/SMT solvers and all sorts of geekery.

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[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory [DIR] 20210224_SAT_SMT_anniversary/ 'SAT/SMT by Example' book: 5-year anniversary [DIR] 20200731_visual_RE_challenge/ A reverse engineering challenge: an intricate visual pattern in 39 bytes [DIR] 20200902_visual_RE_challenge_solution/ A reverse engineering challenge: an intricate visual pattern in 39 bytes: the solution [DIR] 20200703_deobfuscation/ Cracking my old Tiny C obfuscator [DIR] 20210131_soc_networks/ Follow me in social networks [DIR] 20191219_EXIF_to_wikimapia/ Get Wikimapia URL from EXIF [DIR] 20201021_tar_order/ Impact of order of files in tar archive on compressed size [DIR] 20210121_Knuth_Morris_Pratt_1/ Knuth-Morris-Pratt string-searching algorithm (part I) + my homebrew algorithms formally verified using CBMC [DIR] 20210121_Knuth_Morris_Pratt_2/ Knuth-Morris-Pratt string-searching algorithm (part II): DFA version [DIR] 20210121_Knuth_Morris_Pratt_3/ Knuth-Morris-Pratt string-searching algorithm (part III): DFA-less version [DIR] 20200927_math/ Math for programmers [DIR] 20200726_pintool_call0/ Pintool: tracking 'CALL 0' and 'JMP 0' instruction [DIR] 20200819_Polish/ RE4B in Polish: Inżynieria wsteczna dla początkujących [   ] rss.xml RSS feed [DIR] 20200825_challenges_re/ Reverse Engineering Challenges: writeups [DIR] 20210401_Korean_RE4B/ Reverse Engineering for Beginners published in Korean language [DIR] 20200621_regex_SAT/ SAT solver on top of regex matcher [DIR] 20200526_challenges/ Solutions to Reverse Engineering challenges [DIR] 20200224_Martin_Gardner_and_chess/ Solving Martin Gardner's chess problem using simulated annealing [DIR] 20210117_remote_git/ Some of (remote) git internals, part II [DIR] 20201220_git/ Some of git internals (updated) [DIR] 20210109_teaching/ Teaching [DIR] 20200227_anniversary/ The RE4B book is 10 years old today. [DIR] 20200222_printed_RE4B/ The RE4B book printed on paper [DIR] 20200225_join/ Using 'join' Unix command to find similar files. [DIR] 20191208_msvcrt/ What MSVC's version has been used to compile Windows 10? [DIR] 20191224_entropy/ Yet another entropy calculating tool [DIR] 20210121_regex_backref/ Yet another use of regex backreferences [DIR] 20210205_rolling_hash/ [Algo] Rolling hash; Rabin-Karp string search [DIR] 20200703_algo/ [Books] Algorithms [DIR] 20200801_on_writing/ [Books] On (technical/scientific) writing [DIR] 20200823_callgraphs2/ [IDAPython] Generating nice callgraphs, part II. [DIR] 20191208_callgraphs/ [IDAPython] Generating nice callgraphs. [DIR] 20200704_thinkpad_t500/ [Linux] Lenovo Thinkpad T500 WiFi issue [DIR] 20200703_clipboard/ [Linux] The most primitive clipboard manager you can ever find [DIR] 20200224_lsof/ [Linux] Using lsof [DIR] 20210104_two_parks/ [Math] 'Two parks' problem and inclusion–exclusion principle using boolean operations [DIR] 20210131_IEEE_754/ [Math] IEEE 754 round-off errors [DIR] 20210222_latin/ [Math] Latin squares for programmer [DIR] 20201016_set/ [Math] Set theory explanation via boolean operation [DIR] 20200312_min/ [MaxSMT] Finding minimum of a simple function using MK85 and simulated annealing [DIR] 20200901_pkg/ [Python][SAT] Toy package manager under 200 SLOC on top of SAT solver [DIR] 20200709_splitby/ [Racket] SplitBy function I always wanted + fortune program in ~5 SLOC [DIR] 20200525_kaspersky/ [Russian] KasperskyOS [DIR] 20200721_problems/ [Russian] Задачи по программированию [DIR] 20200819_copyshops/ [Russian] Копи-центры в Украине [DIR] 20201011_NP/ [Russian] Что такое NP-проблемы: для неспециалистов [DIR] 20201009_math_joke_fixed/ [Russian] математический анекдот (исправил ошибку) [DIR] 20201011_fencepost/ [Russian][Math] Off-by-one error / fencepost error / ошибка на единицу / ошибка неучтённой единицы / ошибка заборного столба [DIR] 20210115_LCM/ [Russian][Math] Как пить таблетки применяя наименьшее общее кратное (НОК) [DIR] 20210114_calculus/ [Russian][Math] Как я снимал квартиру при помощи мат.анализа [DIR] 20210116_passwords/ [Russian][Math][Python] Ломаем пароль при помощи комбинаторики и mixed radix [DIR] 20200801_MUS/ [SAT] UNSAT core [DIR] 20210105_apache_index/ [Unix] Gauging size of a directory available via Apache webserver index [DIR] 20210403_search_engine/ [Unix] The most primitive local search engine for your books library [DIR] 20210105_web_updates/ [Unix] Tracking changes on web1.0-style websites [DIR] 20210409_screenshots/ [Unix] Translating a text from screenshot [DIR] 20191212_progcalc/ [Utility] Programmer's calculator [DIR] 20200225_DDFF/ [Utility][Python] DDFF - Duplicate Directories and Files Finder [DIR] 20200228_kill_busy_proc/ [Utility][Python] Kill busy process [DIR] 20200228_megagrep/ [Utility][Python] megagrep [DIR] 20200227_copyfile/ [win32][Utility] Copyfile
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