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2024-May-25 [Math] IEEE 754 exponent as binary logarithm
2024-May-25 [Math] Logarithmic scale in VirtualBox GUI
2024-May-23 SSH servers survey in spring 2024
2024-May-21 [Crypto] Using HTTPS certificates to sign/encrypt arbitrary data
2024-May-18 [Crypto] SSL/TLS, part 4: Toy TLS 1.2 client under ~2k SLOC of Python.
2024-May-14 [Python] Regex backreferences -- yet another use
2024-May-10 [Math][Pure C] Theory of pure equality
2024-May-10 [Crypto] SSL/TLS, part 3: Toy TLS 1.2 client in ~1600 SLOC of Python.

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