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2021-Jul-26 [Python] A problem for Python hackers: the solution
2021-Jul-26 "SAT/SMT by Example": hacking/tinkering plan
2021-Jul-25 Job offers I consider
2021-Jul-22 Donald Knuth's SAT solvers
2021-Jul-19 [Russian] Поиск опечаток в русскоязычной и украиноязычной Wikipedia
2021-Jul-17 Hunting for typos in Wikipedia
2021-Jul-16 [Russian][Video] Мой рассказ о SAT/SMT летом 2021, в Zoom-е
2021-Jul-13 Enforcing password requirements
2021-Jul-10 [Russian] Я буду рассказывать о SAT, SMT, Z3 и NP-проблемах 11-го июля, в Zoom: третья часть
2021-Jul-07 [Python] A problem for Python hackers. How good your knowledge is?
2021-Jun-30 [Russian] Я буду рассказывать о SAT, SMT, Z3 и NP-проблемах 9-го и 10-го июля, в Zoom
2021-Jun-28 My new PGP public key
2021-Jun-17 [Video] A short video about 'Reverse Engineering for Beginners' books
2021-Apr-24 Isn't the 'Reverse Engineering for Beginners' book outdated already?
2021-Apr-22 base64scanner
2021-Apr-21 Boyer-Moore string search algorithm explanation and formal verification using CBMC
2021-Apr-14 [Unix] Using GeoIP from commandline
2021-Apr-13 Bayes classifier for your books
2021-Apr-09 [Unix] Translating a text from screenshot
2021-Apr-03 [Unix] The most primitive local search engine for your books library
2021-Apr-01 Reverse Engineering for Beginners published in Korean language
2021-Feb-24 'SAT/SMT by Example' book: 5-year anniversary
2021-Feb-22 [Math] Latin squares for programmer
2021-Feb-05 [Algo] Rolling hash; Rabin-Karp string search
2021-Jan-31 Follow me in social networks
2021-Jan-31 [Math] IEEE 754 round-off errors
2021-Jan-21 Yet another use of regex backreferences
2021-Jan-21 Knuth-Morris-Pratt string-searching algorithm (part III): DFA-less version
2021-Jan-21 Knuth-Morris-Pratt string-searching algorithm (part II): DFA version
2021-Jan-21 Knuth-Morris-Pratt string-searching algorithm (part I) + my homebrew algorithms formally verified using CBMC
2021-Jan-17 Some of (remote) git internals, part II
2021-Jan-16 [Russian][Math][Python] Ломаем пароль при помощи комбинаторики и mixed radix
2021-Jan-15 [Russian][Math] Как пить таблетки применяя наименьшее общее кратное (НОК)
2021-Jan-14 [Russian][Math] Как я снимал квартиру при помощи мат.анализа
2021-Jan-05 [Unix] Tracking changes on web1.0-style websites
2021-Jan-05 [Unix] Gauging size of a directory available via Apache webserver index
2021-Jan-04 [Math] 'Two parks' problem and inclusion–exclusion principle using boolean operations
2020-Dec-20 Some of git internals (updated)
2020-Oct-21 Impact of order of files in tar archive on compressed size
2020-Oct-16 [Math] Set theory explanation via boolean operation
2020-Oct-11 [Russian] Что такое NP-проблемы: для неспециалистов
2020-Oct-09 [Russian] математический анекдот (исправил ошибку)
2020-Sep-27 Math for programmers
2020-Sep-02 A reverse engineering challenge: an intricate visual pattern in 39 bytes: the solution
2020-Sep-01 [Python][SAT] Toy package manager under 200 SLOC on top of SAT solver
2020-Aug-23 [IDAPython] Generating nice callgraphs, part II.
2020-Aug-19 [Russian] Копи-центры в Украине
2020-Aug-19 RE4B in Polish: Inżynieria wsteczna dla początkujących
2020-Aug-01 [Books] On (technical/scientific) writing
2020-Aug-01 [SAT] UNSAT core
2020-Jul-31 A reverse engineering challenge: an intricate visual pattern in 39 bytes
2020-Jul-26 Pintool: tracking 'CALL 0' and 'JMP 0' instruction
2020-Jul-21 [Russian] Задачи по программированию
2020-Jul-09 [Racket] SplitBy function I always wanted + fortune program in ~5 SLOC
2020-Jul-04 [Linux] Lenovo Thinkpad T500 WiFi issue
2020-Jul-03 Cracking my old Tiny C obfuscator
2020-Jul-03 [Linux] The most primitive clipboard manager you can ever find
2020-Jul-03 [Books] Algorithms
2020-Jun-21 SAT solver on top of regex matcher
2020-May-25 [Russian] KasperskyOS
2020-Mar-12 [MaxSMT] Finding minimum of a simple function using MK85 and simulated annealing
2020-Feb-28 [Utility][Python] megagrep
2020-Feb-28 [Utility][Python] Kill busy process
2020-Feb-27 [win32][Utility] Copyfile
2020-Feb-27 The RE4B book is 10 years old today.
2020-Feb-25 Using 'join' Unix command to find similar files.
2020-Feb-25 [Utility][Python] DDFF - Duplicate Directories and Files Finder
2020-Feb-24 [Linux] Using lsof
2020-Feb-24 Solving Martin Gardner's chess problem using simulated annealing
2020-Feb-22 The RE4B book printed on paper
2019-Dec-24 Yet another entropy calculating tool
2019-Dec-19 Get Wikimapia URL from EXIF
2019-Dec-12 [Utility] Programmer's calculator
2019-Dec-08 What MSVC's version has been used to compile Windows 10?
2019-Dec-08 [IDAPython] Generating nice callgraphs.

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