Welcome to the most primitive blog system you can find on the Internet. I'm writing it in plain HTMLs, like it's 1998, when I first started doing it.

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[DIR]20200224_lsof/2020-02-24 11:39 - [Linux] Using lsof
[DIR]20200224_Martin_Gardner_and_chess/2020-02-24 10:34 - Solving Martin Gardner's chess problem using simulated annealing
[DIR]20200222_printed_RE4B/2020-02-22 07:56 - The RE4B book printed on paper
[DIR]20200212_stillife/2020-02-12 23:02 - [MaxSAT] Game of life: getting maximum density still life
[DIR]20191224_entropy/2020-01-12 16:43 - Yet another entropy calculating tool
[DIR]20191219_EXIF_to_wikimapia/2019-12-19 09:45 - Get Wikimapia URL from EXIF
[DIR]20191215_derivative/2019-12-15 05:57 - [Math][Calculus] What is derivative?
[DIR]20191212_progcalc/2019-12-12 02:04 - Programmer's calculator
[DIR]20191212_log2/2019-12-15 04:25 - [Math] Hexdump and binary logarithm
[DIR]20191208_msvcrt/2019-12-08 16:46 - What MSVC's version has been used to compile Windows 10?
[DIR]20191208_callgraphs/2019-12-24 12:02 - [IDAPython] Generating nice callgraphs.
[DIR]20191207_halting/2019-12-08 02:21 - Halting problem
[DIR]20191207_github/2019-12-08 02:21 - No more GitHub

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