Dennis Yurichev / Денис Юричев

My surname in IPA form: [yʊritʃev]

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Chess? My account at and Challenge me if you want to.

As of 2013-2017 I mostly known for "Reverse Engineering for Beginners" free book.

Some of my writings:

Vulnerabilities I found:

Blogs, etc

Oracle RDBMS stuff:

Random utilities:

Also hosted somewhere on this website

My patches


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E-Mail: dennis(@), my PGP public key. Sometimes I may delay my E-Mail reply. Sorry in advance for the inconvenience.

Skype: dennis.yurichev.

Telegram: yurichev, my own channel: yurichev_news.

My BitMessage ID: BM-2cUyrfGUDyjuUHyzAA63kq5NHAB2zMo4Q2

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