Dennis Yurichev / Денис Юричев

My surname in IPA form: [yʊritʃev]

News: I'm teaching.

My books:

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My writings, as seen on Reddit: 1, 2, 3, on Hacker News: 1, 2, 3, on twitter.

What do I do for income

Programming, math...

Areas of expertise: everything I've written about in my books.

Despite the fact I've written RE4B, and found several CVEs, I'm not in infosec, and almost never been (except for a brief experience), so it's senseless to offer me a job in that area.

I don't take full-time job offers, and almost never did. If you want to hire me for a project, please write me an email about it, stating clearly your situation, your goal, etc. How much time you have for it and max budget.


... as they call it in Wikipedia

Outdated stuff

Vulnerabilities I found (Oracle RDBMS, IBM DB2), Oracle RDBMS stuff, Random utilities, Patches.


E-Mail:, my PGP public key. Sometimes I may delay my E-Mail reply. Sorry in advance for the inconvenience. Sometimes my emails can stuck in your SPAM folder, so check it please, if you expect a email from me.

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